Girls going on shopping & not buying shoe is quite unlikely event to imagine. And it’s always perceived that girls/ women have a special inclination towards footwear. This to a certain extent is absolutely true. But now the question is, why does that happen? Why women always tend to buy beautiful shoes, in spite of them having whole collection back at home? Why footwear designers always come up with 100s of variants of female footwear rather than men?

Well the major answer to all these aforesaid questions is, WOMEN ARE SIRED TO FOOTWEAR! They really can’t stop themselves getting attracted towards shoes.

Following are the 5 major reasons for women endlessly buying shoes:

Shoe shopping is stress releaver


Believe it or not, but buying shoes gives a special kind of stress relieve to women. If they have a bad day, have a breakup, someone said something obnoxious to them or it’s a mere nail break, a new pair of beautiful shoe always acts as a bar of chocolate!!

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Shoe shopping releases dopamine


It’s hard to believe, but its absolute true that shopping gives same effect to human (female) brain as we receive in doing workout, having a bar of chocolate or even sex. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter released in brain whenever we do something rewarding in life. The major amount of dopamine gives a sensation of happiness and relaxation in brain. Imagine a situation of orgasm, how every neuron of the body starts to relax itself. Similar effect but in bit lesser quantity of achieved by shoe shopping.

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Shoe shopping gives pause to PMS


Girls PMS (Pre Menstrual Stress) and now it’s acceptable to everyone. And every girl has her own mechanism to subdue the stress. Some use getting locked up inside the room with a box of ice-cream and NETFLIX subscription! Certain go on a solo trip for a couple of days! Others just stay inside their bed and do nothing at all! Some take it out on their partners and do every kind of random fight with them! So here is an easier and less fussy way to handle your PMS. Go for shopping!!! Get yourself some nice dress, a pretty pair of shoes! And it would mild down the effect of PMS.

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With changing time the trends of class, status and standards are getting mixed up with money. People have started perceiving that the class is directly proportional to the bank balance. The more money you have to spend on your lifestyle, the classier you become. Well this cannot be completely denied that the class is somewhere deeply related to money. As you cannot but the things you want to unless you have enough amount in your bank account.

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Shoe shopping helps you have a gut takeover for insecurities


Every one of us has some or the other kind of insecurity, and we all should accept it. Well not the insecurity but the fact that we have one. And these insecurities tend to develop our habits or behavior in life. Worldwide plus size women are more prone to body shaming and always try to do anything to fit into the ‘perfect figure’ flux. But the truth is, we all have our own plus and minus. Women tend to buy shoes more often as shoe size stays constant irrespective of body size. And it gives a sense of normality to the women who consider themselves misfit as per societal norms of body size.

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