Wet yet saucy ‘n’ sultry | Rainy Season

Ways to make the rainy season pro fashion and ways to handle the uneasy monsoon hustles.

Rainy Season days have been romanticised and remained in trend even since the advent of rain dances in Bollywood. Whether it’s Raveena Tandon in tip tip barsa paani or our very own dhak dhak girl Madhuri Dixit making it look sexy and sizzling at the same time joyful and playful in the song koi ladki hai.

Wet yet saucy 'n' sultry | Aman mathur

Bollywood has produced tons of songs dedicated to our most beloved and awaited season of the year; Monsoon. While the season celebrates romance, pakoray, garam chai in the balcony with sufi music, it also permits us to experiment with our looks.

Wet yet saucy 'n' sultry | Aman mathur

When else can you ditch those stilettos and opt for wearing comfy rubber sandals to office?
Doesn’t sound appealing?
Unless your office doesn’t follow a strict dress code and gives you the liberty to choose whatever, consider this,

Wet yet saucy 'n' sultry | Aman mathur

Let’s start from the top… A casual tee (preferably light to medium shade) sport it with a jegging or Capri pants with a pair of adelites.

If you feel ominous to leave the house without any jewellery, go along with simple studs or a casual nose ring and look like a complete chic!
Short dresses to feel the cool wind pass by your legs with a pair of flip flops will surely compliment your look with regard to the weather.
Chuck the conventional canvas shoes as they gather plenty of stains.
Rubber or rain boots along with a hoodie and jegging is surely going to save your rainy Season day.
Dump the tight tees. No one wants to feel uncomfortable by the stares when nature is already doing the job fine.

Wet yet saucy 'n' sultry | Aman mathur

Jumpsuits (striped, floral, polka dotted) are quite suitable for the season as they are so easy and comfy to put on and won’t look awkward at the office or a gathering, it even looks perfect for a monsoon terrace party!
Since plastic bags have been banned for good, go with waterproof, transparent handbags as they are quite convenient and apt for a cloudy day.

Carry essentials along with you like lots of tissue papers, wipes, your waterproof makeup for a quick touch up, hand towel, sanitizer and of course an umbrella.

Wet yet saucy 'n' sultry | Aman mathur

Choose floral, chick prints for an umbrella or keep it easy with a transparent one. Don’t go for the black ones, you’ll probably end up mixing with the crowd and who wants that?
opt for hues of blue and pink. They are easy to find in all types.

Wet yet saucy 'n' sultry

Don’t doll up for the weather. Keep it simple with waterproof mascara, liner, foundation and your lip colour. Apply the blush if the soulful voice of Arjit Singh on the radio isn’t making you blush already.

Hope the above tips help you to enjoy and combat the beautiful season of blessings. Stay safe and fashionable!

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