The final maidens of the town!

9 day femme marathon days (Navratri) makes us celebrate the different shades of feminine emotions, opinions, shades & choices.

Enough of breaking the glass ceiling – breaking the glass mould now! Who cares if still the forage of MR. RIGHT is ON.. the life still has vim.

These women are whooping in their 50s and showcasing the unbound, unapologetic and no shelf-life wander for their MR. RIGHT.

Something that soothes life is not easy to find.. So keep the chase ON!

Makeup & hair by Shweta Singh
Couture design by Aman Mathur
Photography by Dilshan Photography
Assistant designers : Samriddhi, Trisha, Saadhna, Anukriti, Shruti, Ankita, Niharika, Tripti & Kajal

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