“The Eckies Grunge” | SPRING COLLECTION | 2019


Capturing the vibes of Spring Collection 2019 | Aman Mathur Designer Wear

Inspiration of this collection amalgamates two very strong flavors of Eckies – Ecstasy & Grunge – Music.  The designer has tried to showcase the high fashion hybrid fabrics with the attitude of  80’s fashion. 80’s fashion was anything but mild. You talk out colors – was in, bling – was in, wild textures – was in.. it can really be defined with something loud and maximal fashion..  Spring collection



Photographs by Saurabh Gulati

Styled by AMAN MATHUR assisted by Shaad Khan & Anee Asvi

Makeup and Hairdo by Shweta Singh

Couture design by AMAN MATHUR assisted by Tanu, Uddeshya, Pawan, Disha, Medha. 

Creative & story created by AnujaMathur


LOOK 1 “The refraction”

Clothes with detailing, vibe and grandeur – mixed with contrasting colors & refractive sequins !!!

LOOK 2 “Always to the point diva”

The special inclination towards hand work & peculiar usage of beads were the main source of inspiration for this collection !!! spring collection

LOOK 3 “The wildness within”

Animal print is taken to its superlative with the depth defining bead & pott work.  

LOOK 4 “So what? I want.”

The chic corset is modernly clubbed with high personality fabric. Thus there is an elegant fusion of high fashion and girdle craft !!  

LOOK 5 “The tarnished.. Yet Fabulous”

The model was transformed into a tarnished princess with oxidized silver headgear which complimented the high fall self designed customized fabric!! 


The concept of the collection made the team wander to places that had specific personality of their own. Place that has elements of grunge & highness. The search came down to a place that has a unique personality of traveler’s home & elements of versatility.