A happy couple is but an earlier heaven !!

Mayank Aggarwal, the famous Indian cricketer & Aashita Sood Aggarwal got hitched with Aman Mathur designer wear as some of their wedding trousseau dresses !!

Aashita Sood Aggarwal gives her designer wear courtesy to Aman Mathur, here is what she has to say :

” Hi ! I am Asshita Sood.. and I just got married very recently.. my wedding trousseau’s some of the clothes were made by Mr. Aman & I really want to thank him for the beautiful work that he has done !! He pays a lot of attention to details.. . his work is really neat and the workmanship is extremely fine.. the clothes were really beautiful and received a lot of compliments from all the guests & my husband Mayank & I would really like to thanks Mr. Aman for the beautiful clothes that he has made !!!! happy customers

Thank you very much ”   

  Aashita Sood Aggarwal ha

Ms Anjika Sagar

Singapore, Malasiya  ppy customers


Ms Saachi Simar Singh sharing smiles !!! happy customers

Adelaide, South Australia

                                 Ms. Kiran Jaising happy customers

Bangkok, Thailand

  Ms. Mohi Shikhar Srivastava 

rsLucknow, UP