The Sound of RED


Aman Mathur

If all colors are sounds and we need to rate the colors as per their loudness, then RED would be loudest sound among all. RED is the color of freedom, liberty, expression, attention, revolt … and what not !!!

This color is out loud, going, fetchy.. but a few have the real guts to carry it right !! But why?

Why are we so scared to carry a complete RED dress? It takes a lot of changes and convincing of friends to get through with a RED outfit !!

“Am I looking dark in this RED top?”.. “Is this making me look overdressed?”.. “Are you sure I am not looking fat in these RED jeans?” 

All these questions and much more !!

UNLEASH YOURSELF THIS SEASON !! Listen to the sound of RED  !! Play with the DEVIL now !!  Aman Mathur

So much to choose from… Jackets, jeans, body-con dresses, skater dresses, t shirts.. and a lot more !!

                                    SEMI-FORMALS  Aman Mathur


                        POOL PARTY WEAR Aman Mathur

                               HIT THE CLUB !!! Aman Mathur



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