“She takes rustic by storm” | FALL COLLECTION | 2018

Fashion shoot rustic by storm Fashion shoot rustic by storm Fashion shoot rustic by storm Fashion shoot rustic by storm Fashion shoot rustic by stormRustic By Storm


This season the camera explored the idea of girl’s animus amid a stark cultural & societal drift. This is a zone existing between reality and real self, where expressions have no bounds. This fashion shoot Rustic by storm, encapsulates major aspects of feminine introspection. In the soul of seeking that ideal space, the team of photographer, creative & storywriters journeyed to interior village in order to explore the authenticity and earthen flavor of this look. What they found was away from expectations!!! Fashion shoot rustic by storm

People always perceive that the shoots with ‘actual’ people are more exiting, does that mean that models are pseudo?  The basic concept of any fashion shoot is to re-mould the imagination in way that is real to what the concept is. Fashion shoot rustic by storm

In this shoot you see the influence of one’s inner emotions flawlessly integrate the designs into their staple routine. The ensembles are only used to project her inner inhibitions and sense of belonging towards the attire. Fashion shoot rustic by storm

Spot the focal points from this memorable ebb!!! Fashion shoot rustic by storm


RUSTIC BY STORM | Behind the scenes

Photographs by Dilshad


Styles by AMAN MATHUR assisted by Shaad Khan & Anee Asvi


Couture design by AMAN MATHUR assisted by Anee Asvi, Amrita Singh, Riddhi Kaushik & Shivangi Srivastava


Model Chioma Faith Chukwunedu

Creative & story created by Anuja Mathur

The Looks
The Looks


Fashion shoot rustic by storm


Village hygiene is yet another poles apart amendment for her. This if we see through her, its traditions unleashing her inner discomfort. Somewhere this concept is in tandem with “Nature deficit disorder” which roots down to the addiction of very many modern day lifestyle suppliments. So many of us experience the lack of nature self exposure. Fashion shoot rustic by storm

She’s into her own world wherein there’s no need to follow protocols or to behave in a rulebook manner. She is free, expressive & happy in her own skin amid an almost alien atmosphere . Fashion shoot rustic by storm

A zari-jaal lehenga along with dori work and to add little bling,  Swarovski work all over. Velvet fabric – to give elegance, volume & straight fall. Fashion shoot rustic by storm


“THE HAMAAM” | By Aman Mathur Click To Tweet


Continuing the daily routine she gets to cook in new home since a girl is a presumed cook by birth. Preparing her first meal, she’s holding an balancing feel of her present & past. Fashion shoot rustic by storm

Though she’s trying to adjust into the stark different atmosphere, but she’s less bothered about the shift and more about beholding her inner equilibrium. Fashion shoot rustic by storm

A silk lehenga and blouse with zardozi work and Parsi embroidery. A multicolor palette has been used to make it more chic & girly. A net drape on top with same zradosi bootis in fuchsia color. Fashion shoot rustic by storm


“THE KITCHEN POTION” | By Aman Mathur Click To Tweet


Not many of us know but ‘muh dikhai’ is a post marriage first common integrative gathering for a bride. There she’s not listening to the music of the ceremony, rather she’s just too tuned up in her own rhythm. Wearing headphones & completely zoned out!! Fashion shoot rustic by storm

This look is one of the favorites of Aman Mathur as he always wanted to work with the unbounded feminine emotions. This look’s beauty, uniqueness & more than that strength, is something he has long admired & respect. Fashion shoot rustic by storm

Respecting traditions & respecting one’s real self are equally essential. We have tried to project the outburst of her inner hidden self image on the abrupt happenings around. This is yet another expression state, wherein she’s so lost in herself that surroundings are mere ecosystem to survive. Fashion shoot rustic by storm“THE HAMAAM”

“THE ZONED-OUT MUH DIKHAI” | By Aman Mathur Click To Tweet


Acceptance is the primitive thing that a person seeks for. Acceptance by people, society, fashion industry, creative think-tanks & what not!!

But this process becomes a bit complicated once cultural difference plays its role. So what to do now? Change or conceal?

Where she decided to go with the flow. Be what she actually is and show what she really feels & believes in. Fashion shoot rustic by storm

Though such things leave people around scandalized, thinking about the continuum of right & wrong. Which actually can never be judged as it’s completely – subjective!! Fashion shoot rustic by storm

But, she never fails to express – the poise, sophistication & belonging towards the complete attire, harnessing the entire look!!



“THE SCANDALIZED BABUSHKA” | By Aman Mathur Click To Tweet


This look is inspired by a woman’s inner conflict towards a hustle between tradition & modernization wherein she projects herself with a tomorrow oriented attitude in a closed traditional atmosphere. Fashion shoot rustic by storm

In this look the ensemble is casting a spell of mesmerizing choreography of colors, design and ease. With pushy silhouette, royal textures, subtle colors and expressive model, the designer has placed class in the shoot!! Fashion shoot rustic by storm

Being the last look of the shoot sequence is completely projecting passion, audacity, demonstration and fully dressed attitude & the attire.



“THE UNSHACKLED RIDE” | By Aman Mathur Click To Tweet


Everything from location, looks, designs, creative, photography, story, thought process, ensemble, accessories to crew & team – it’s all a big chunk of overall experience! Fashion shoot rustic by storm

Earthen touch and authenticity from head to toe reminds us of the material & essence woman. The looks are especially planned and have been executed with utmost clarity & story behind the head. Fashion shoot rustic by storm

There’s one this alluring about Aman Mathur designs – the way he blends ethnic imagination and fantasies into so authentic and rustic fashion ensemble. Fashion shoot rustic by storm

Dozens of people peeing outside their mud built homes, some standing on the roof and others – more than happy to help the team.

Experiences become a crucial part of the photography and so is reflected in the faces of people around. No fabricated expressions, no fake smiles – just raw and rustic emotions of India! Fashion shoot rustic by storm

Make way for the earthen fashion fetishes!Fashion shoot rustic by storm

It is coming! Fashion shoot rustic by storm

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