Creativity is an everlasting entity that can neither be depreciated nor be destroyed.  Just the definition of and creativity changes in every decade. Fashion industry is so lucid and moldable that it gets you to absorb any kind of amendments and alterations. Being in such a industry since more that 15 years now, I can really arrange the ques into a better shape.

The best part of this industry is that it would never get saturated, there would always be a scope of new entrant. Because with budding designer a novelty comes into picture. As a designer I always wanted to have my own touch in every silhouette I create. My essence in every piece of designing I do. More than this, I was always inclined towards giving away every chunk of knowledge that I gathered during my growing years. So that a fashion student gets away from reinventing the wheel.

I can truly understand how clueless a student is in his/ her initial years of fashion education. Thus I started to give away training sessions along with my original business of customization. So that students can get an insight of this industry and this would also lead them to bridge the gap between college mannequin and a clients body.