How to find you own style?

‘I have my own sense of fashion…’ is the vaguest statement we usually come across. Most people around us claim to have their own fashion sense, whereas the definition of fashion is quite universal in all the aspects. Fashion is what we get twice or thrice in a year in the supervision of experts and critiques. And thus not very many of us around have the skills to question what’s given to us by the experts. But the thing that can’t be universal – is our style. Our unique sense of putting things together which is further modified by our body language.

Here in this article we are going to discuss about the 5 ways in which you can find your own style. Let’s get started!!!

  1. Analyze your body type

A golden rule to look good is to wear the clothes that flatter your specific body type. Not very many of us have the idea of our own body type and which type of dress would suit us best. Thus a generic understanding of the body type is very important. Whether we fall into an ‘hour-glass’ category or a pear shape category, can entirely change our wardrobe and dressing style. People having straight empire line body should wear clothes that enhance their waistline and look it look thinner than the shoulder and hip area. Whereas people with inverted triangle figure should enhance their hip region by wearing more loosely fitted bottoms to make them look proportionate. There is an entire article which is based on body types, click =>

  • Check your body posture

A lot of times it happens that your body posture either enhances or puts down the whole look you’re carrying. And there are certain body postures that we are born with. Some of us move more in a slouch position, whereas there are certain people who walk upfront. And in both of these cases different styles would make you look even more presentable. For e.g. People who have a tendency to slouch down a bit, so layering would work best as it would hide away the curvature of the slouched body. 

  • Checking the colors for complexion

There is a specific color for every kind of complexion in this world. The complexion continuum is sub related to the ‘colors suits you best’ continuum. Gone are the days where people with darker skin tone always tend to wear lighter tone fabrics and no bling. With changing fashion and perceptions, people have started experimenting a lot with all types of permutation and combinations with respect to skin tone and fabric color.

  • Know your comfort zone  

‘Move out of your comfort zone!’ might sound amazing in all domains of this world but when it comes to personal styling, it is a big no!! Dressing out of the comfort zone has the maximum probability of back firing as it becomes quite evident that the person is not comfortable in what he/ she is wearing. Dresses go differently with people of different risk taking capacities. For some of us jump suit can be a dress of utmost comfort and ease, whereas there are certain set of us who would feel an ultimate discomfort in wearing a full body jumpsuit. And this discomfort gets reflected very clearly on the faces.    

  • Try out new things secretly

The ultimate mantra of finding your own style is to try out new outfits and combinations at home or in store’s trial room. Many a times it happens there a things made to look good on us, but we become too reluctant to try something out of our style. Try out everything that you like, look around yourself and analyze. Acceptance of our friends and people we know comes after we have ourselves approved an outfit. And this is the major step which we skip. Usually we try something new and then vouch for other’s approval to just make sure that the dress is actually making you look god. Whereas we forget that different people have different opinions and so different are their styling senses.

Choose wisely… experiment secretly… know your body and rock the world !!!!

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