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Who doesn’t like walking, seeing monuments and exploring their heritage? Especially, when your city is as exquisite and aesthetically pleasing as Lucknow

Lucknow better known as ‘Nawabon ka Shehr’ is a graphically prismatic city with its beautiful monuments and rich cultural heritage surrounding it. Culture and heritage plays an important role in the history of this rich city.

Chaotic and busy living standards have made it almost impossible for the youth to familiarize themselves with the antiquity of their own birthplace. Metropolitans tend to diminish the inner city areas that embody the heritage aspects.

Any country, region, city, town or village is imbued with the local heritage – something that adds to the charm of that place. One can easily associate to such places that are steeped in heritage. The tourism industry around the world is booming with nouveau-riche generation, bit by wanderlust, and wanting to travel the globe. The tour operators, city councils are exploring many options to keep the travelers hooked and the money flowing! To lure different age-groups, there are activities like Adventure-sports, sight-seeing, safaris, and the likes in the itinerary which makes people want more

Lucknow city is blessed with hundreds of monuments, which represents the grand culture of its region. Preserving and safeguarding it must be the prime aim of its resident.

The Heritage Walks have become one of the cool things to do when travelling! A seasoned traveler knows how important an important activity this is, more so, for places with a rich cultural past. In India, we can proudly boast of several historical places where a mix of cultures has created a unique diversity that is unmatched. There is a bit of West and a lot of East making Indian locales a treat to visit! Lucknow or the City of Nawabs is one such place – a city that is deeply rooted in tradition, yet metamorphosing into a fast-moving metropolis. For people traveling to Lucknow, it should be very interesting to identify the various hues of this city and a Heritage Walk is the minimum you can do, to begin to love the city in all its diversity. When one embarks on these walks, one will be travelling through the times – from the Mughal rule to the British colonization – how such episodes in history impacted the culture, cuisine, architecture, language, businesses, arts and crafts.

It opens the minds and helps one to absorb the layers in the Lakhnawi heritage.  From the old quiet lanes of Lucknow to the new, buzzing Malls around the city center, Lucknow has had a huge growth. As a regular traveler, you will be doing a lot of sight-seeing, visiting only the important landmarks. Taking a heritage walk, on the other hand, will unfold a different facet where you will be exposed to the traditional way of life. Lucknow is famous the world over for Chikankaari.  This is one craft that you can deeply follow while taking a heritage walk, literally, down your memory lane! Taking a tonga ride through the architectural gates of Ruumi Darwaza, exploring the labyrinth we know as Bhuul-bhulaiyyan in Imambara and winding up sipping the sweet tea at Sharma tea stall – through the morning – all in one walk is getting a chance at living in two eras at once!


The Lucknow Heritage Walk is an essential walk which must be done not only by the travelers but also the Lucknowites who may have gotten out of touch with their traditions and need to tap into it the rich past, to come up more energized and proud of being the city of Nawabs!

Heritage walks, are best way to acquire knowledge and acknowledge ones culture, tradition, philosophy, and rituals associated with them. The heritage walk makes one look back and reminds them of their rich culture and history which provokes them to think about the existence of every historical structure and place. It also ties an emotional chord with that place and offers several nuances attached with it.

How many times one has dozed off while attending a boring history class and remembering who made what and why?  is a different story altogether. Heritage Walks gives one an opportunity to learn and educate themselves about the history of their city in a more fun and interesting manner. It imparts new knowledge, de-mystifies the myth, and creates interest in the people. It’s like knowing something you have never known before.

Heritage walks are a great way to create awareness among the residents about their heritage; it also enables them to connect with it in more intimate manner. It acts as a great tool to educate the youth. The real experiences with heritage while walking and seeing monuments creates memories, association with that place. From children to adults everyone loves to hear stories, especially when someone narrates it and shows them pictures. Same is the case with heritage walks; you walk through that place where your guide narrates you the stories of kings and queens. It promotes education in an informal manner and in an informal environment.

Heritage walks are open to public and in my opinion one should enroll with it to experience a diverse taste of knowledge, experience something that they have never experienced before and walk out feeling more responsible and aware of their rich culture which would help them in their further growth.

Article By : Sara Saad

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