Fashion ‘melange’ or just a ‘mirage’

Fashion industry has always been one of the major game-changing and society defining industries of this world. People have always tried to bring out their individuality with respect to their choices, liking, ethnicity and what not!

Being quite closely connected with the media & film industry, fashion industry was deemed to experience the power of bringing about a holistic change in the mentalities and society in large. Being in such a pivotal position, this industry has always seen the rashes of expectations and the repercussions of experimentations.

Be it Alexander McQueen for his ‘Highland Rape’ collection inspired by Scotland rape by British or just the usage of hair braids by Marc Jacobs. Each and every designer, stylist, makeup artists, cameramen, models are in great scrutiny of the society to give the perfect explanation of their inspirations and the experimentations that they’ve possibly performed.

If we see it from a creative angle then there could be practically no explanation to the ‘inspirational instinct’ of a person, thus it would become very tough for an artist to justify his/her art. But if we see form a slightly practical angle, then these designer/ artists are the people who are responsible for shaping up the society.

Small kids look up to these powerful glamorous personalities as their inspirations for their upcoming future, and thus the act to giving out art should always be associated with a correct message.

We are certainly not the fashion critiques or police, thus its not at all important for us to arrive at any conclusion.

The main discussion that we are going to project in this article is the debate between fashion industry being a mélange of choices, lifestyle, sexes, origins, natives etc or a mirage that can only be projected and revered but can never be actuated.

Diversity is fashion industry has always been a topic of discussion in high headed seminars and get togethers. Wherein, people talk about the inclusion of people with all kinds of differentiations & specifications.

World has lately been in an awe of the LGBTQ’s greatest legal success, which has at least made people realize about the basic facts and figures of the humanity. People are no more making up their own stories about the people with different sexual choices and inclinations. LGBTQ section would very soon give away from the tag of a ‘community’ and get into a general sex category. This needed to happen firstly in the conscience of society and then there would be no need of the legal interference.

There has always been a discussion about the ‘equality’ issues with the LGBTQ community, but rather there’s an equity which is needed to make everyone feel alike and accepted. Treating people differently (even on the sake of quality) would create unwanted discriminations and agitation.

We need a time when people would stop discussing about these issues and just ACCEPT & INCLUDE everyone around them.

It would be absolutely untrue and unfair for us to say that steps are not being taken by the fashion industry insiders to include and accept the people of LGBTQ community on the roles of models, designer, photographers etc. Otherwise there have been no Amanda Lapore & Carmen Carrera in the modeling industry. People are ready to accept the presence of people from different gender choices and are also trying to make them feel comfortable. But yet still there is a lot of understanding, maturity and more than that sensitivity required when it comes to accepting and including the people from different choices of life.

There’s a huge ombre of situations and conditions which are present in the fashion universe – wrt the acceptance and inclusion angle.


There absolutely no doubt that still there’s a huge percentage of people (influential people) in and outside the industry who are quite skeptical about the concept of inclusion in the main stream of fashion industry. If they can’t be vocal about their ‘non acceptance’ then there always hidden and passive ways of expressing that. Apart from just the gender biasing, there are a lot of other discriminating factors that include – complexion, size, ethnicity or even language. People are still not quite welcoming for the darker complexion models for their shoots or shoots. It’s quite tough for the plus size models to prove their aesthetics on the preset parameters of fashion industry.    


Secondly, the pseudo accepting percentage. There are certainly a percentage that just ‘acts’ that they accept the diversity in fashion industry. These are the people who consider accepting diversity as a click bait of attracting more eyeballs or footfall. The usage of plus size models or even especially abled people in their show business and then advertising by keeping them as the USP is the major tantra.


It’s not always the platform providers who are there in the scrutiny spectrum. There are people who make the issue of equality & discrimination as their pride issue in order to grab the unwanted attention of people and media. These people try to use their differential act as a weapon and tool to attain the limelight.


These are the people who don’t talk about it – they do it organically. Alexander McQueen endorsing Shanelle Nyasiase (Ethiopian fashion model) in his major ad campaigns & collection shoots, Nike putting up plus size mannequin in its retail outlets & Sabyasachi Mukherji showcasing plus size woman as a mainstream model in this ‘Devi’ collection shoots are some of the examples of people who are actually bringing about the change in the psyche of the fashion industry – society in large.

In this age of social media where every other person is an influencer and people are swearing and abiding by the information projected by these ‘influencers’, there’s a huge responsibility on the people who are there at a higher pedestal to not only discuss but showcase the example in their own work. Youth look up to these big brands, designers, models, celebrities for their inspiration and its very important for these people to try to do the right thing & give away the fashion taboos and bring in a more diverse, free and inclusive fashion world for the future generations!

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