Fashion footwear

aman mathur Fashion footwear

Fashion footwear

 “Shoes make an outfit.. they’re like rims for a car..” Omari Hardwick


Fashion footwear is the kind of footwear which is trending and has been accepted by mass as in fashion or in trend. Though there is certain fashion footwear which cannot be accepted by mass, they yet trend in international celebrity markets.


Making music is like shopping for me….every song is like a new pair of shoes. – Rihanna



  1. What is fashion footwear?


  • Whether its summers, winter or rainy season, a person can beat the drawbacks of the season with the correct and most appropriate footwear.

aman mathur footwear


  • Whether its designer footwear or any fashion retail product, a person needs to have a peculiar sense of understanding towards getting the right pair for the correct seasonal demand.


  • There are certain taboos or misunderstandings of the individual is with the correct categorization of the footwear.



  • With the correct categorization of the footwear. “Boots are for winters”, “flip-flops for beaches”, etc are certain majorly heard and wrongly mistaken facts about coupling fashion with a season.


I know many people have said it before… but there is nothing a cup of coffee and a new pair of shoes can’t fix!. Marissa Jaret Winokur


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  1. Why do we need fashion footwear?


  • Fashion has never been an obligation to any individual. There’s always a free will of an individual to abide by it or not.

aman mathur footwear

  • But slowly the continuum of choice and need is diluting. Where fashion has moved from choice to need.


  • Almost all the sectors of this globe have made it mandatory for the employees to wear perfect clothing.


  • Whether its fashion clothing or not, but every company needs its employees to look presentable and moreover better than others.


  • This is where fashion comes into the picture.


  • It’s true that most of the MNCs or multi-facet business companies need their employees to wear presentable formal wear.


  • But still, they cannot opt out of the influence of fashion on it.


  • Blazers, shirts, pants or formal footwear has evolved and changed over a period of years. And thus even the most black and white sectors of the business corporate world has made the formal wear into more in-fashion semi-formal clothing & footwear.

aman mathur footwear

  • No more are the days where men only wear black formal shoes for business meetings.


  • There are plenty of options in terms of colors, styles, stitches, made, fabric, material, design etc.


  • Women stilettos for formal wear has diluted into wedges, peep toes, boots, shoes etc.


  • And yet the outlook is becoming better with every passing day.


Shoes make an outfit… you can throw on a crazy shirt and crazy pants but you add those shoes – DONE.

Russell Westbrook

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  1. What’s trending?


  • When we talk about 2018 summer footwear, there are a lot of designs trending in the fashion world, which are not only giving variety to the people who are very much into fashion footwear, but also is providing a different dimension to the fashion footwear itself.


Color blocked mules


  • Mule shoes are categorized by having no back at the heel and being covered from the front (optional).

 aman mathur footwear

  • They run their history to the historic era of Rome where people use to wear them as bedroom slippers.


  • Mules are in fashion currently with a lot of experimentation done over them.


  • Varieties of colors, styles, heels styles, peep toes etc have been made to make them accepted by a wide range of gentry.


Toe ring slippers


  • Though the toe ring slippers rarely go out of trend, yet the styles & make keeps on changing.

 aman mathur footwear

  • Certain experimentation and amalgamation of different styles create a unique form of toe ring fashion slippers.


  • This season a lot of online stores are introducing different types of slippers, amongst which, these are always a hit !!



 Women boots


  • It’s a complete taboo that boots can only be worn in winters.

 aman mathur footwear

  • Though it’s a fact that knee length or leather boots are a bit hard to manage in summers & rainy season, but yet there are different varieties and categories in the market which is making it possible for the boot lovers to carry a cool look in summers as well.


  • This includes lighter fabric boots, ankle boots or even if someone is carrying a knee-length boot, there’s an option of having cotton fabric boots, which are summer friendly.


So now we can easily conclude that there’s no specific category as seasonal fashion wear, there are always ways and options to choose out favorite and appropriate footwear. Rather than depending upon the collections feeding, it’s always better to open up our own instinct and sense towards and ‘individual fashion’ !!!


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