In this super speedy world and our daily busy schedule, we tend to get detached from our inner self.

This happens due to our routine and moreover due to the urge of getting on the top. But amid all these fast happenings  we usually forget about the real thing for which our soul always starves.

This necessity/ need varies from person to person, for certain people book reading could be soul fulfilling and for some others this could be attained by sky diving. But one thing among every situation is common and that’s the starvation of soul in the present day life.


When we talk about youth or the people who have just entered into the working phase of their life, these people are though much more dedicated and full of enthusiasm to achieve something big in their life. But yet every trajectory is leading to a phase, where post 5 years they would start feeling restless and develop a need/ urge of something soul nourishing.

One of the recently developed soul food is ‘FASHION’ or the urge of looking presentable and getting accepted by the new time fashion standards. This has become a major part of people’s desire and with changing time the fashion has evolved and has become reachable and approachable for masses, due to which an individual experimentation has not only become possible but also enjoyable.

Youth these days is able to get the high fashion wear in a very short span of time, due to various reason, such as:

  • Economies of scale
  • Fast fashion
  • Viable raw materials
  • Scaled up production
  • Others

Considering the easy availability and approach-ability, it becomes quite obvious to have experimentation, permutation & combinations coming into picture.

People are trying to discover their own sense of style, rather than following certain specific trends.

This situation leads to generation of a different sect of society that is too much inclined towards their own ‘Idea of Fashion’ and thus they attain satisfaction with that.


Over the years, the generations have realized that fashion as a whole plays a critical role in the development of society.

Be it 80’s that has bell-bottom pants and big collar shirts that had made a different impression and has intaglioed 80’s as one of the most influential era in the field of fashion.

Moving back in time makes us aware of the level of influential power fashion has on people and society in large. There have been many examples in past that have left the whole world in the awe of amazement.


One of such amazing and stunning example is the world’s dancing legend, Michel Jackson.

Who has surpassed the limitations of beauty and fashion & has created a strong stamp on the cultural & art history.

As per records, it’s been stated that Michel Jackson got his few ribs removed in order to attain the desired flexibility and physical flow.

Leaving aside the skin tone modulations, there were very many beauty & fashion enhancements done by him that has made people question the real purpose of being fashionable or trendy.

‘Model like figure’ has always been a hidden desire of any era’s youth and so is it in the present scenario that is making girls try different health and at times not so health alternatives.

Following are the major enticements that girls / boys have and their repercussions on their physical, mental & sexual self:


Over the years the definition of perfect body has been altering. Talking about the curvy women in 70’s & 80’s to zero figure in 2000’s the body imaging process have been ever changing. The major influence is the bollywood & Hollywood industries. That not only creates a benchmark to prevalent fashion but also makes its own trends and fashion standards. Celebrities are the influential people/ personalities which has always been the role models of the youth.

If we consider Patrick Swayze as perfect body example of 70’s and then Robert Pattinson in 2000’s then the standards/ benchmarks of body imaging have been evolved as a whole.

Since every coin has two sides, thus if on one side of the celebrity imaging is glamour, role models, self reflections etc.

There is a flip side as well, where youth takes varied wrong measures to fit into the images created by either cinema or fashion world.


This includes food & nutrition supplements , energy drinks etc. to the present date diet plans to achieve the slim body.

There can’t be a specific dimension of the body; rather it depends on the body structure, height, weight etc. which determines the best version of the individual’s personality.


Youth of metropolitan cities has the kind of infrastructure required to live a considerably luxurious life.

But when it comes to emitting the lifestyle of the people we get to see on silver-screen/ magazines/ close circle, then the life becomes a chase with endless contentment.

Smoking, drinking, casual sex, one night stands doesn’t sound to be a big words these days, as people have become use to it.


Older generations have finally made peace with the fact that aforesaid contents of present day lifestyle is common and acceptable. There are certain percentages of parents who still have made their rules & ethics unaltered with the changing time. But due to technical interferential situations the process of parental policing has changed its real face.

Having a westernized lifestyle is not a problem unless the youth is well equipped with morals & ‘self-help’ intentions. But usually its notices that the end product of such lifestyle is discontentment and by products being depression, anxiety & frustration.

Everyone wants to fir into the ‘uptown funk’ imagery, but they tend to forget the essential preludes of getting the lifestyle and also the toxic aftereffects of it.


A lot of times the real need and purpose of fashion gets misunderstood by the people who proclaim to be ‘fashionable’. Fashion and its knowledge don’t always come with a high investment lifestyle or shopping at various expensive brands. If we talk about present situation, then internet access has become a necessity rather than a luxury, and so is fashion!!







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