Fashion industry is considered to be one of the world’s most liberated community.

Wherein all types of experimentation & alterations are welcomed – not only in terms of clothes, but also in terms of human inclinations.

On one side developing and underdeveloped countries are still trying to strike a balance between male, female and other gender, on the other side fashion industry has always been absolutely perforated and absorbent for any such lifestyle or even gender choices.   


Society is the ultimate source of any kind of mental fixations which in turn gets converted into‘taboo’.

If we talk about our past centuries, then India has faced lots and lots challenges with respect to cast, color and creed.

But with changing times it got very much accustomed and to a certain extent liberated in its certain section of society.    


Talking about the acceptance of lifestyle choices and sexual orientations, India is still trying to come to a unanimous conclusion. Wherein one section of educated & liberated youth is very assertive and respectful towards LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender) community. There is another sector as well who is still not very much accepting towards them. 

When we talk about sexual liberty, there comes a discussion which starts with the fact of body or complexion shaming. Which has nothing to do with any specific body type or complexion. Talking specifically about Indian mentality and societal mental fixations, then fair complexion is considered to be the epitome of beauty (specially in females). Though its a complete irony that basic Indian skin tone is wheatish !!!

Its an interesting fact to note that almost 70-80% of Indian population comes under the skin tone of wheatish. So why is everyone so fascinated by the fact of having a ‘fairer’ skin-tone? 



People have always been driven by the cinema world  (be it Bollywood or Hollywood) and fashion industry has been one of the extension and most important part of the Cinema world. 

Fashion industry have always been progressive extremely liberated.  Designers using dark complexion models have made people release that definition of beauty is totally colorblind !!!!


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