Customized Dresses


The customer’s perception is your reality. -Kate Zabriskie

Customized dresses in LucknowCustomized dresses are at top notch priority for the fashion conscious people.

Aman Mathur Fashion House and its team understand that the attire or ensemble is not just a piece of cloth with embellishments, but it is a crucial part & projection of one’s individuality & personality.

Thus it becomes the responsibility of the designer and his/her team to do complete justice with the expectations and aspirations of the customers and provide them with right kind of customized dress.

This is why our dedicated team of designers & stylists always try to give the best creative outputs to ensemble designing.

As per our team, it’s a designer’s utmost responsibility to do complete justice with the complete and perfect matching of the customer’s preferences, trending fashion & his/ her own creative input.

The major reason behind customer being oriented towards designer dresses is the uniqueness & exclusive availability of the designs & silhouette.

Thus customization plays a major role when it comes to modern time choices and orientation.

Present date youth bar has decreased to 15 years & increased to 50 years, which provides a varied range of customers & their preferences.

Designer dresses may or may not have some peculiar aspect of current date fashion, but one most essential thing that it should have is the personalized touch.


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Aman Mathur Fashion House believes in providing exclusive AMAN MATHUR gallarydesigns/ patterns/ cuts & silhouettes to each and every customer in the form of a designer dress.  We understand that each and every body shape requires the different type of outfit style and this can be best determined by someone with the critical eye towards fashion & designing.

Presently the wedding trousseaus are in great demand and customers are inclined towards designing different styles & unique combinations for everyone involved.

Wedding trousseaus are the most suitable example of 100% customization. This includes designer dresses for both bride & groom side.

We always try to provide fresh and custom-made designer dresses for everyone.

This not only acts as a binding agent for client and us but also satisfies the creative urge of the fashion house and brand at large.




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