Corporate Social Responsibility


corporate social responsibility 

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Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals…they are both essential ingredients for long-term successBill Ford


It’s true that businesses survive and grows on funds and profit, but there are certain things that can’t be attained solely by money. This is why as a company we need to fulfill its responsibilities as well.

Aman Mathur Fashion Internships & Training Society

Aman Mathur fashion house is constantly involved in:-

corporate social responsibility 


AMFI provides training sessions for underprivileged students with minimalistic charges for basic facilitation.

Aman Mathur

These sessions include :

  • Basic stitching
  • Basic personal grooming & soft skills
  • Textile knowledge
  • Customer handling
  • Customization

 cocorporate social responsibility 


  • Aman Mathur and his team pay a regular visit to blind school & leprosy home with special gifts and help that they can provide.

corporate social responsibility 

  • Scalability leads to more strong and sturdy structure of any organization and once the scaled up the system tries to inculcate social responsibilities, it becomes more stable and complete.

Aman Mathur

  • Aman Mathur fashion house looks forward to getting required support Aman Mathur and recognition so as to become strong and capable enough of generating specific & dedicated profit shares that can be used for serving underprivileged people of the society 
  • The striking perfect synergy between business and social responsibility is where sustainability is achieved.
  • Aman Mathur fashion house aspires of opening up a free of cost training centers for unskilled/ semi-skilled art & craft craftsmen that would help them to understand the intricacies of the craft and thus would open up their doors towards better earning jobs. This center aims to provide free of cost training to the billow poverty line people who want to open up their own small-scale handicraft/ embroidery centers.            


corporate social responsibility 

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