beyond dummies & dresses

Beyond dummies & dresses

Scissors on the half cut cloth, measuring tape on the dummy shoulders, cloth pieces lying here and there, some colorful pictures pinned on the standing soft board – a perfect description of a designing room[…]

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Fashion industry is considered to be one of the world’s most liberated community. Wherein all types of experimentation & alterations are welcomed – not only in terms of clothes, but also in terms of human[…]

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rule of the runway


Every designer’s dream starts and ends at a rock solid fashion show – A red hot RUNWAY!! Models hitting the ramp with exclusive designer collection and people around appreciating, adoring the efforts and creativity is[…]

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Upcoming Movies & Web-series

UPCOMING MOVIES AND WEB-SERIES TO WATCH OUT FOR. Good Morning Sir, Sorry I couldn’t make it to the presentation, I was down with flu. Extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused, I kept down my phone. Wrapped[…]

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FASHION APHRODISIAC   In this super speedy world and our daily busy schedule, we tend to get detached from our inner self. This happens due to our routine and moreover due to the urge of[…]

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