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  • Aman Mathur as a designer has grown in the length and widths of couture and customization center.
  • The inception curtails details of the intricate embroideries done on the silhouette which has attracted the customers who have a critical eye towards getting a rustic ethnic wear.
  • Lucknow has always been famous for the handwork, embroideries & detailed crafts, and in order to sustain the age-old culture and art, modernization is quite important.
  • The national and internal market always has a very short shelf life for fashion and fashion related articles.
  • Thus, if the art is not upgraded would tend to lose its grip in a larger scenario.
  • Aman Mathur has tried to keep the culture alive in the designs and arty-crafts that are created with a special unique touch of modernization and vogue.
  • Amalgamations are necessary for an artist to become time & taste proof, which is why Aman Mathur designs showcase the special blend of ethnic art and modern designs.
  • This includes Christian wedding gowns with zardozi embroidery or wedding trousseau with peculiar hand and thread work.
  • Western market has always had a awe towards Indian crewel work, tapestry & other types of hand embroideries.
  • And thus Indian markets are always flooded with beautiful blends of western attires with Indian touch.
  • Aman Mathur fashion house has become more than just a place to get your dresses made, but also a one-stop solution for getting customized outfits, styling suggestions, accessorize, footwear, handbags and much more.



  • In the era of crossover, Aman Mathur presents a special range of Indo-western designs for larger age frame.
  • Indo-Western fusion garments are generally an amalgamation of Western-style patterns and Indian designs.
  • Elaborate embroidery styles such as Meenakari, Kundan, Resham, and Zardozi work are also used in different ways to enhance the look and feel of the attire.
  • A shorter version of the kurta, called ‘kurti’, paired with denim pants or trousers is also quite popular, both among males and females.
  • This trend of Indo-Western fusion wear has also gradually spread to bridal wear.
  • Sarees are being draped in the Grecian style, and saree blouses are becoming more and more Westernized in the pattern.
  • Lehengas worn with halter tops is another example of Indo-Western fusion fashion that is being accepted as wedding wear.
  • Lucknow… the city of ‘Nawabs’ has always been rich in heritage & culture.
  • But when it comes to fashion, the updated gentry has always been open to certain classy modification & alterations in the old ethnic designs & work.
  • There’s a niche in the city that has a global fashion bend in their choices.
  • Every city has its own demographic inclinations. Lucknow has a typical modernized traditional pinch in all its endeavors.
  • Keeping the individuality in place on one hand and urge of being sassy on another, Aman Mathur an indigenous brand is trying to strike a perfect balance between both of these worlds.


  • Customers are much educated to expect products that will satisfy their needs and expectations.
  • These one-of-a-kind products are aiming to create a deeper connection between a shopper and a brand.

“We’re very much used to ‘smart’ digital products and I think this is reshaping our expectations as consumers.”

– Robert Cordero.

“I think the biggest problem in luxury fashion in particular right now is: how do you surprise customers? How do you make the product more individual? You have the same fashion stores in Beijing, New York, Miami, London. Mass production is no longer as exciting as it used to be. So I think mass customization solves the problem of retaining the individual, the feeling that something was personal, which is essential for luxury labels.”

-Jose Nerves.

  • In this world filled with one-of-its-kind product seeking society, Aman Mathur fashion house provides absolutely customized outfits and ensemble.
  • This structure is not confined to the customization of attire but also extends to the
  • footwear, accessories & handbags.
  • Making the product individual and giving it a personalized touch is the main motive behind this segment of the Aman Mathur service range.


  • Aman Mathur fashion house is a single stop solution to all of your fashion & styling related issues.
  • Along with providing one of its kind attires & designer outfits, Aman Mathur fashion house also provides a 360 degree and tip to toe styling solutions with accessorize options to choose from.
  • We provide a wide range of accessories, customized footwear with stylish handbags & clutches to choose from.
  • Styling ideas and solutions of various ensemble related issues with the special facility to get the footwear & accessories customized according to the complete attire.



  • Fashion being an ultimate show business, its critical for any fashion house/ brand to keep showcasing its real-time collections either via fashion shows or via shoots.
  • Aman Mathur has conducted different kinds of fashion shows in the city showcasing the collections and latest designs.
  • This includes :


  • When the world is moving with an utmost swift pace towards modernization/westernization, Aman Mathur as a brand always tries to include & uplift the people responsible for conserving the hundreds of years old art like zardozi, minakari, etc.
  • Aman Mathur works in collaboration and coordination with Lucknow’s one of the oldest zardozi craftsmen who has national & international recognition.
  • Ms. Zafar Abbas, a 70+-year-old man started his first zardozi work in 1968, and since then he has been adding on to India’s oldest gold & silver embroidery art.
  • His art & craft makes it impossible for the customers and art lovers to resist the length and breaths his talent.
  • He started his work when zardozi embroidery was done using real gold & silver threads. And he still has royal clients with a keen interest towards having the rustic flavor and design outcomes.



  • Interns have included alongside as possible with the culture, working practices and the highly skilled activities of the company.
  • They are closely supervised and are provided with work which is not only suitable for them but which also will provide them with the best opportunities to learn.
  • This activity also provides them serious hands-on experience to understand and speculate the intricacies of fashion as a field/ industry.
  • Interns are kept in the Aman Mathur fashion studio and are exposed to the real-time day to day work, which provides them a window to comprehend the raw nature of the fashion world.
  • Aman Mathur Fashion internship wing provides following services to the students:
    • Graduate students
    • Students Pursuing graduation
    • Avocational training
    • Vocational training

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