7 wardrobe ingredients for winter, holiday & party !!

Every year.. once winter is about to bang our doors, we have an inherit thought of carrying-out super sexy look in winter!

Leather jackets, fur coats, long boots and what not! But the reality is, every year in winters we end up spending the days and nights in our favorite hoodie and jeans.

Our wardrobe thus always remains devoid of the perfect look we want to carry every winter.

Whether its celebrity’s airport looks or the Instagram feeds of all over the world, everything acts as a impulse while we are planning for a season ahead.

Thus in this article we are going to talk about 7 best recipes for the wardrobe to make you hit winters with a big bang – with casual, party wear & holiday looks.

  1. Leather Jacket is a savior.

Leather jacket is a must to have whenever the winter season strikes the corner. Well fitted, minimal detailing and faux/ real leather jacket is a savior for winters. Well if give an elderly perspective to the importance of leather jacket, then it would obviously be the warmth and winter chill protection. But to speak fashion, then leather jacket is a single magic ingredient that can save your day. Be it a hang out with friends, a date night or even a party, leather jacket would give a stop to all your pre dress up insecurities.    

  • Long boots is a must have.

While shopping for boots we always try to have ankle length boots – since they are safe to wear! This is a mental security towards a hitch in experimentation. We always have a hitch towards long boots, this could be due to the body shape, length & width of the legs or even the lesser duration of winter season in certain parts of the country. But long booths acts as a step up catalyst that enhances a simple look to up-vogue up one in no time at all. Going for a party and don’t have a party wear dress… couple a simple jeans n top look with long high heels boots – and you are good to rock the party!!

  • Knitted stole can rescue your day.

Stoles and scarf are things that never ever go out of fashion, and one can almost never go wrong with carrying one. Thus a knitted, monocular stole is something that can go with any pullover, jacket or even an over coat. Wearing a stole or scarf not only enhances the look, but also creates some kind of comfort for the individual as it gives a pinch of elegance and glass!

  • Over coat drama.

When we speak about most of the parts of Indian subcontinent, then the temperature in cities remains such that a person can carry almost all the winter looks with complete ease. Over coat is something that adds on to the complete winter drama! This particular winter wear makes you feel so urban and classy that no one can really bring you down.

  • Over sized pullover play!

It’s true that fashion can mostly not be coupled with comfort, but there are certain winter wears that are so comfortable and yet stylish like hell! Oversized pullovers are one of them. Coupling an oversized knitted pullover with latex leggings and boots, can make you good to go almost any occasion and the best part is – you can carry the look for entire day!

  • The beanie swag

We still remember Enrique Iglesias killing ‘Hero’ with that rust red beanie. Beanie gives a natural swag to the entire look and its metro sexual, so girls also carry it with the ultimate panache. Though the toughest thing is to the perfectly fitted beanie – getting that is like searching for the perfectly fitted bra!!

  • Knitted dress panache    

Designers of present time are trying to experiment with the fabrics and looks to the maximum and are trying to give out the best for any season and occasion. One of such facility is the knitted dress. This can make you look playful and chic at the same time. Coupling the knitted dress with a pair of high ankle boots makes the look complete.

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