Gone are the days when dressing up & grooming was only the agenda of women. With the evolving fashion trends and seasons, now we see metro sexual men around us – properly dressed! Shabby clothes, uneven stubble, worn out shoes & not so seriously carried self is totally out of fashion & trend in present time. Men are giving total attention towards their personal hygiene and the way they look. Be it Ben Afflek & Chris Hemshworth in Hollywood or Raveer Singh and Akshay Kumar in Bollywood, celebrities are getting hugely concerned about their looks & fashion.

Manicure, pedicure, facial, body spas used to the self pampering tips & tricks for females, but now men are getting equally wooed and involved in self care measures. The metro sexual men are using certain makeup products to enhance their features and facial characteristic. Whether using eyebrow pencil over stubble or bronzer on cheeks – men are doing it all!

So, here are 7 summer wardrobe tips for men in order to keep them in trend:

  1. The formal homecoming!

Formals were bit underrated in past few years of fashion journey. And men tried to keep it low key when it comes to formal wear – with blacks, whites, browns & grey. Not anymore! This is the time to go crazy with formalwear. Be it monotonic pastel shaded suits or overall print tuxedoes – all would do this season. No one would go bored with your summer blazers this season. Unusual coupling of formal blazers with contrast t-shirts and long shirts are majorly in.  

2. Pull out your short sleeves shirt!

It’s all retro this season! We all are noticing a lot of elements of 80s & 90s fashion this season. Be it short sleeve shirts, bold prints in suits or deep bare chest looks in blazer and shirts. This summer is the season of major experimentation. The short sleeves shirts have came back to fashion with full force. Not only solid colors, but cheques & prints are also hitting the fashion charts.   

3. Show your masculinity with bare chest!

We can’t ever get bored of Patrick Swayze’s look in dirty dancing! The collar high shirts with open front buttons, chest hair and high waist jeans. Well now it’s time to pull that look again! Wear your shirt of formal blazer with your bare chest. Well this again goes limited with the guys having chiseled chest and no moobs.  

4. Go cuckoo with prints!

This summer has bought in a lot of variants when it comes to prints and their ensembles. Designers have not only played with prints and colors, but have also couples the tops with heavily printed bottoms. This time is really to go cuckoo with the prints and colors.

5. It’s time to carry the bag of your choice man!

Men’s accessories were always considered cliché and limited till a very long period of time. But not anymore! Man – its tine for you to rethink your purchase and go and buy the band you want to have. Not only briefcase bags, but you can choose from a range of duffle, tote and handbags.

6. Bohemian chic is no more chic!

Bohemian chic style finds its major influence form the hippie culture and there is a usual comprehension of ‘female fashion’ from it. But not anymore! Designers this season have done a major postmortem of the bohemian fashion for men. Whether is hippie influenced loose fitted shirt, an earthen stole or a jute bag – it’s all to invest in! Guys grow out of only smoke-ups when it comes to Bohemian influence!

7. Micro shorts

Bro – it’s time to get hot with the shorts! Complementing the summers, super short shorts have made their way up the trend charts. We have lately noticed Saif Ali Khan pulling off the micro shorts with high calf socks as his gym look. And this season it’s the perfect time to kill the beach with these sexy shorts.  

Guys! This is the perfect time to scrutinize your wardrobe and put together some really cool summer looks. Go ahead and do the kill!!

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