50% PSEUDO NATURAL – The Fashion

This era talks out loud about the topics such as feminism, empowerment, ‘be what you are’, ‘love your true self’, ‘love is love’ and much more. Everyone around us has some or the other opinion and every opinion is backed by some experience. Youth of this age has a special inclination towards ‘breaking the glass ceiling’ philosophies – especially females. This actually indicates towards pushing our limits, breaking our boundaries and let the world recognize the true self.

Women today have the full right and privilege to take ever kind of decision that they want to, choose the life style that they want to live & stay the way they are comfortable in. Amid this entire true-self-loving agenda, there holds an industry that just talks about enhancing the projected self. On the other hand, this industry is also perceived as one of the most progressive & liberated spaces to be in. So is it contradicting its own consensus – ACTUALLY NO!!

Fashion industry has always been about projecting the true self in a more ornamental manner. New age women cannot drive away from the fact that they do want to look the best that they can. Before getting out of the house every woman at least makes sure that she is looking presentable and beautiful. How much empowered, progressive, liberated a woman can become, but she cannot throw away the most inherited feminine feature of dressing up.

When it comes to ‘50% pseudo natural fashion’, it points towards one’s need of showcase a made-up self along with their true inherited nature/ being. Every year fashion changes on the store shelves like nothing else and everyone has to run in tandem with that. When bell bottoms were killing the collections, then no one had an idea that someday the skinny bottoms would be rolling the stores. So people who considered and absorbed bell bottoms as their true personality projection and have made peace with it, had to soon change their self projection with the skinny bottoms. No one of us can get stuck to one kind of clothing pattern. And people who do that, are the true examples of their 100% natural fashion.

Let’s take the example of Rekha (bollywood celebrity). She is always seen wearing golden or copper colored silk/ organza/ tissue saree. Regardless of the fabrics getting introduced in the market, she has her own way of dressing up and wearing outfits. This is a perfect example of not getting influenced by the changing trends.

But not very many of us fall in this category, as most of us love experimenting with the outfits we buy & wear. Which is directly correlated with the fashion coming out of the big learned fashion bodies. The efforts that goes into designing a new concept collection is numerous
& this leads to the new generation of fashion every season. Everyone of us gets in influenced by ever changing fashion in some way or the other.

These influences can be categorized majorly into 3 categories, which are explained bellow:


Bollywood/ Hollywood celebrities are the people who gets the first and foremost affect of the changing fashion. This age of hyper digitization and ‘airport looks’ every celebrity is under a constant scrutiny of the fashion wear & styles. Thus they are the direct adopters/ followers of the fashion coming out every season. There was a time when it was the choice of the celebrity to get dressed in a designer wear off-screen, but now it has become a need for them to always look perfect and in fashion all the time. Which is why the PR & styling teams have to work 24X7 to get the latest & best outfits for the celebrity.  


Instagram gave birth to a new kind of profession called as “FASHION BLOGGER”. These are the people who try out new fashion & styles coming out every season and project them in their individual accounts. These are the people who are the second hand adopters of the fashion coming out of the industry. They follow the big fashion houses, designers & brands, celebrities which makes up their unique profile compositions. They get a major influence of the changing patterns.


  When we decide to buy an outfit for a office/ college purpose, we hit up retails like Pantaloons, Max, W, H&M, etc. We don’t think much about the upcoming or current trends, we just pick up the things that we think would look good on us. In this process there is no direct involvement of fashion designer, industry or influencers, hardly any cognition goes into picking up things from a retail store. But if we try to understand the back math for it then every retail company has people working on their every lot that comes out. These lots have their specific designers who design clothes for the mass acceptance and ease of wearing. The inspiration of this designer is always the trends going on in the international &n national fashion space. They always consider the colors that are in, the designs which renowned designers have showcase, the styles that are appreciated in fashion weeks. So, we want it or not, but we all get the influence of the fashion industry disburses.

In this world of stark opinions & point of views, one should always try to take it a bit easy with what he/ she are asking for. As there are many other angles of a particular aspects and we cant ever get the 360 view of it. Stay stylish!

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